13 December 2007

Exciting News!

Edwin, Ashton and I have some exciting news, we are expecting our second child on 23 June 2008. The first trimester was a bit tough, and very pleased to be at the end of it (Edwin too...). We went for the scan today and the baby is going well - and no, we don't know whether it is a boy or girl yet!

With that, I am also getting a new car to fit in the expanding family - we bought a Subaru Forester and hopefully we might get delivery just before Christmas, but will see.

Tessa, Edwin and Ashton

12 December 2007

Some Cute Pics!

These are big shoes to fill!
Wasn't Me!
Life on the Job, and the desk!
We hope you are well and finished your Christmas Shopping early. Enjoy what's left of 2007!
Love, Edwin, Tessa and Ashton

27 November 2007


We have been keeping busy. Ashton and I went up to Townsville a few weeks back so Edwin could get stuck into some study for a few days. Ashton and I have a lovely time catching up with family and friends. We all then headed to Melbourne on the 16th Nov for our nieces 21st Birthday celebrations. Edwin and Jono then did an Adventure Race in Melb. having a ball and finishing 36th out of over 150 teams - Well Done Guys!Can't believe Christmas is on our doorstep - what happened to 2007? We hope our message finds you well and looking forward to that well earned Christmas break. Bye for now from the T-R's

9 October 2007

Snowy Pics !

Lots of fun was had by all at the snow!
Edwin and I just had our 5th Wedding Anniversary - how time flies! We have done a lot in the last five years, travel, buying a house, starting a family and it has all been wonderful. I also had my 35th Birthday and was completely spoilt - clothes shopping, day spa's, dinner with family, books, new camera, and a games night. What a week of celebrating! We hope that our Blog finds you well. Love, Tessa, Edwin and Ashton

25 September 2007

Let it snow!

Bit slow with the update from the snow - it wonderful wintery time was had by all with pretty good skiing conditions and lots of white stuff. It was great to get the skis out again and dusk them off on the slopes, just like riding a bike! Ashton was a bit young to really enjoy it, but next time should be much better. He did enjoy going for walks in the backpack and looking around. Play time outside was a little hard in his snow suit! But, mum and dad had a great time, as did the rest of the family.
We are all going well here, fighting a cold again, but apart from that we are great. Ashton has walking all sorted and working on the running bit now. He is absolutely delightful and fills our home with laughter and joy-it is such a lovely age. He is developing his little personality and is pretty clear on what he does and doesn't want, and is certainly not backwards on letting us know.
We hope our email finds you all well.
Edwin, Tessa and Ashton

16 August 2007

Life's a Beach!

Mum and Dad have taken me up to Rainbow beach for a long weekend. The weather was great and we had so much fun in the sand, building sand castles, breaking them down, and building more for me to knock down! We went up to the Carlo Sand Blow and played frisbee, and well, dug more sand!
This weekend it is off to the snow...which also meant to be soft and white! Cool! Can we build more castles dad?
Will report on the snow after the trip and let you know what I thought of it...but...apparently I have to get used to it as mum and dad love skiing...whatever that is!
Bye for now,
Love Ashton

25 July 2007

My 1st Birthday

Hi all,

I had a wonderful birthday in New Farm Park with lots of family and friends. Thank you all for coming along to help me celebrate. A bigs thanks for my cool presents, I have now officially taken over the lounge room!

Love and hugs,


4 July 2007

Ashton in Action

I was just trying avocado to style my hair, but apparently dad's hair product works better!
Me and my new couch, thanks Nanna!
What!...It's only quarter of the pear, I'm sure I could have got more in there!
Mmmm....Hello! Damn papparazzi!

25 June 2007


Ashton is growing up fast and we can't believe he is nearly 1 year old. He is considering starting to walk, but quite happy if he doesn't take that up too soon - but that is in his hands. He is a little cutie, full of personality and mischief. We think he will be a rock climber like daddy as everything needs to be climbed over!

We are looking at doing some renovations to our outdoor area to make it more child friendly - well that is until we see the estimate from the builder! But, until then the thought of it is exciting! We would end up with a lovely useable deck and a nice flow from the indoors to out!

Edwin has been busy organising interviews for his Phd, so it is progressing quite well at the moment.

I have been working on Friday's helping Edwin with some projects for TRA. I have been developing the Intranet to help streamline things in the office. I have been enjoying my new little project, which will be a continual work-in-progress.

We have booked to go Snow Skiing at Falls Creek, Victoria with some family in August - we can't wait, it will Ashton's first experience of the snow. It will be fantastic to hit the slopes again after 3 years.

Our latest purchase has been a bike for me and a bike trailer for Ashton - it is really cool and we look forward to lots of family outings.

I hope our email finds you well.

Tessa, Edwin and Ashton

3 May 2007

Birthday's and Holidays

We had fun celebrating all the birthday's in the TR Clan by going to Underwater World. Edwin, Ashton and I then headed to the Whitsunday's for a holiday at Airlie Beach. We stayed at a beautiful Organic B&B, ate lovely breakfasts while overlooking the sea and mountains, went sailing, walking, swimming and had a massage too. It is a growing area with lots to see and do, and at the doorstep of the Islands. We will go back some day, but stay on one of the Islands.

14 March 2007

Mr Up and About!

Here are some new pics of Ashton exploring his toy box!

13 March 2007

March Update

Ashton is off and racing - he started crawling last week and is really getting the hang of it now. The surprise on my face when he came crawling into the kitchen would have been worth a photo! He is just adorable and thinks he is quite the clever little boy. So with crawling and his top front teeth coming through, it has been quite the eventful week. Ashton will be 8 months old on Thursday -how time flies!

Edwin and I are well. Edwin is busy training for another adventure race being held this Sunday and absolutely loving it. We go out to the forest on Saturday's so Edwin can train and I take Ashton in the backpack for a walk. All this outdoor activity keeps both the boys happy (Ashton is definately his father's son!) and hopefully will improve my fitness too!

Next month is Edwin's 30th (about time he caught up to me!). We are looking forward to celebrating with family and then I'm taking him away for a holiday - will reveal the destination upon our return as it is a surprise! It's that perfect time of the year for a bit of a break, we can't wait.

We hope you are enjoying the Blog, it's a fun way to stay in contact. Don't forget to leave a message if you have time. Until next time, bye and take care.

Love, ETA!

4 March 2007

Tropical Holiday

We had our first trip to the tropical north Townsville with Ashton in February. Edwin had some business to do and we caught up with our family up there. It was nice to get away for a bit and catch up with my sister and see my nephew who had not met Ashton yet. Ashton enjoyed the swimming and took any opportunity he could to get his gear off!!!

6 February 2007

T-R Update

We are all going well and keeping busy. Edwin has been very busy with work since he started back in January - the year is looking very promising for the business and very exciting too. I have started doing some project work for the business to keep my finger on the pulse and keep my brain working. Nothing like a bit of pocket money too! Ashton is keen to be on the move and showing early signs of crawling already - but I think if he had his way he would be running first! He is a very busy child and for some strange reason a real extravert! Gee, wonder where he got that from. Well, all is going well, and hope our message finds you well too.


29 January 2007

Growing Up

Ashton now has two teeth with more on the way! They are so cute - but poor child having a mother who is and ex-dental assistant - he already has a tooth brush and is getting his two little teeth brushed! He is going okay with it all, chewing everything and dribbling like there's not a drought in sight!

23 January 2007


We all had a wonderful Christmas with both our families here on Christmas Eve. We played games, chatted, played golf and didn't eat too much! Christmas day was busy with breakfast at my dad's then lunch at Eloise's (Edwin's sister). Ashton seemed to enjoy his first Christmas, even if he did get sensory overload and kept us awake for two nights in a row! It is true, children really do change the meaning of Christmas and make it more special.

Happy New Year - we hope 2007 brings you joy and happiness!

E,T & A

22 January 2007

The Star of the Show

Ashton eating his first bowl of porridge - definately his dad's son, loves his food!