30 April 2009

A New Day

Wow, my last Blog was last July! Time really does fly - Ashton will be three in July and Amelie will be 1 in June! This past year has been an emotional rollercoaster, but with mum's estate almost settled, it is time to find new routines and catch up with friends again.
The last six months has been taken up by the many hours my sisters and I have spend sorting through mums possessions and preparing her house for sale. We must have done something right, it sold at its first open house - mum would have been so proud! The house settles next week and will become someone elses home, how surreal.
We closed the door and turned off the lights for the last time at mums house yesterday, so sad, relieved and so surreal. The sun shone so brightly this morning, so I took Amelie to the park and just sat and enjoyed. Despite the loss, the pain and missing mum so much, the sun rose today to make me realise that there is light and happiness and hope in the midst of sadness. In a way, it made me feel she was right there with me, watching over and wanting me to cherish the time with my own family the way she did with hers. With that, I just sat and watched my daughter explore and play, as a mother should, and in which I have done so little of over the last 11 months. A new day, a new chapter in this journey of my life. I miss her, but she is here, watching and still enjoying being a mother.
Here are a few pics of the kids on our recent break to NZ to visit the family.
I hope this email finds you all well. Remember to go out, breath the fresh air and take in the sunshine (for those who are lucky enough to live where there is lots of it!)!
Tessa, Edwin, Ashton & Amelie

27 July 2008

Ashton Turns 2!

Ashton Celebrated his 2nd Birthday on the 15th and had a party with some family. How the time has flown by. He is
growing into quite the gorgeous young boy. We had a lovely afternoon watching the kids play.
We are enjoying our new veranda roof - landscaping due to start in a couple of weeks, so will be fantastic when it is all
finished. Yeah, a proper outdoor area to enjoy in all weather! We are also creating a play area for the kids out of the line of stray golf balls! It will be wonderful to sit outside and enjoy it when it's all finished!
Amelie is going well and already 6 weeks old...young! She is already bringing us lots of joy and Ashton loves giving her lots of cuddles too. Oh, and to answer a commonly asked question, Amelie is pronounced, 'Am - a - lee'.

We have all been fighting the typical winter bugs, Ashton being the instigator and the rest of us have followed, so will
be great when we are all fighting fit again!We hope our news finds you well.
Love, Tessa, Edwin, Ashton & Amelie

28 June 2008

Welcome Amelie Lissette T-R

We would like to Welcome our baby girl, Amelie to the world. Amelie arrived on Monday 16 June at 1.20pm. After talking so highly of epidurals, well, Amelie wasn't going to wait long enough for her mummy to have that luxury, so it was the old fashioned, drug free way for me! But with an hour, 20 minute labour, who am I to complain! So with two days in hospital, it was time for me to bail and be home with the boys. We are still finding our routine, but enjoying the chaos non-the-less. We are all going well and enjoying having Amelie around. Ashton is liking being the big brother and Amelie is getting lots of hugs and kisses from her brother. Although, a little jealously occurs when daddy is holding Amelie.

We have also started some renovations on the house, yes, timing! We are having a new outdoor area put onto the house to give us somewhere to sit outside with the kids. It has been great to finally see this start, as it has been a year in the planning. The current area wasn't very safe due to wayward golf balls! The new area is protected and will give us the feeling of an outdoor room.

We would like to also thank everyone who has sent through their congratulations on the arrival of Amelie. We hope you enjoy the photo's.

Edwin, Tessa, Ashton and Amelie

4 April 2008


Well, it's April already, what has happened to the year!? We are all going well and keeping out of mischief. Ashton is becoming a little boy now and is so cute. He is trying to find his place in the world and talking lots. We get a lot of joy and laughs from him and love watching him develop. I am nearly 29 weeks pregnant and all is going well with me and baby. I am a little more tired this time, so trying to take it easier this time.

We went to Tasmania for a holiday and a chance to have a break before B2 arrives. We spent 3 days in the gorgeous Cradle Mountain and did a bit of walking (as much as I and Ashton could handle!). The weather was lovely and cool and the scenery very picturesque. It was Edwin's first trip to Tassie where he didn't hike for at least 5 days! We then headed to Hobart for the rest of the time as Edwin had a conference to attend. Ashton and I took it easy as we both caught a cold. Hobart is such a pretty city. Ashton went on his first bus ride there, a double decker Red London Bus, and he loved it.

Back home now and busy trying to get a few things done around the house before baby arrives, including some house alterations (yeah right, like that will be finished!).

Edwin is busy with work and enjoying the new challenges that he sets himself. He is plugging away at his PhD and will hopefully submit the first draft by the end of the year.

Apart from that, we are well and hope you are well too.

Love, Tessa, Edwin and Ashton, and B2

22 January 2008

Happy New Year

Well, it's hard to believe that we are past the half way mark in January already! We hope you had a lovely Christmas with your families and that 2008 brings wonderful times for you.
We had a quiet Christmas at home and spending time with family. It was nice to have Edwin at home for a couple of weeks and just potter around. Ashton had a fun Christmas and did very well on the present front, as nephews and grandchildren do!
2008 will be a great year with baby 2 on the way (currently 18 weeks pregnant). Ashton has started daycare for one day a week and seems to be enjoying playing with all the other kids.
The business (Trevor-Roberts Associates) looks to be taking yet another big leap forward this year, it is great to watch it blossom and see all the hard work pay off.
We hope you have a wonderful 2008. Remember: Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery and Today is a Present.
Love, Edwin, Tessa, Ashton and B2

13 December 2007

Exciting News!

Edwin, Ashton and I have some exciting news, we are expecting our second child on 23 June 2008. The first trimester was a bit tough, and very pleased to be at the end of it (Edwin too...). We went for the scan today and the baby is going well - and no, we don't know whether it is a boy or girl yet!

With that, I am also getting a new car to fit in the expanding family - we bought a Subaru Forester and hopefully we might get delivery just before Christmas, but will see.

Tessa, Edwin and Ashton

12 December 2007

Some Cute Pics!

These are big shoes to fill!
Wasn't Me!
Life on the Job, and the desk!
We hope you are well and finished your Christmas Shopping early. Enjoy what's left of 2007!
Love, Edwin, Tessa and Ashton