25 June 2007


Ashton is growing up fast and we can't believe he is nearly 1 year old. He is considering starting to walk, but quite happy if he doesn't take that up too soon - but that is in his hands. He is a little cutie, full of personality and mischief. We think he will be a rock climber like daddy as everything needs to be climbed over!

We are looking at doing some renovations to our outdoor area to make it more child friendly - well that is until we see the estimate from the builder! But, until then the thought of it is exciting! We would end up with a lovely useable deck and a nice flow from the indoors to out!

Edwin has been busy organising interviews for his Phd, so it is progressing quite well at the moment.

I have been working on Friday's helping Edwin with some projects for TRA. I have been developing the Intranet to help streamline things in the office. I have been enjoying my new little project, which will be a continual work-in-progress.

We have booked to go Snow Skiing at Falls Creek, Victoria with some family in August - we can't wait, it will Ashton's first experience of the snow. It will be fantastic to hit the slopes again after 3 years.

Our latest purchase has been a bike for me and a bike trailer for Ashton - it is really cool and we look forward to lots of family outings.

I hope our email finds you well.

Tessa, Edwin and Ashton