14 March 2007

Mr Up and About!

Here are some new pics of Ashton exploring his toy box!

13 March 2007

March Update

Ashton is off and racing - he started crawling last week and is really getting the hang of it now. The surprise on my face when he came crawling into the kitchen would have been worth a photo! He is just adorable and thinks he is quite the clever little boy. So with crawling and his top front teeth coming through, it has been quite the eventful week. Ashton will be 8 months old on Thursday -how time flies!

Edwin and I are well. Edwin is busy training for another adventure race being held this Sunday and absolutely loving it. We go out to the forest on Saturday's so Edwin can train and I take Ashton in the backpack for a walk. All this outdoor activity keeps both the boys happy (Ashton is definately his father's son!) and hopefully will improve my fitness too!

Next month is Edwin's 30th (about time he caught up to me!). We are looking forward to celebrating with family and then I'm taking him away for a holiday - will reveal the destination upon our return as it is a surprise! It's that perfect time of the year for a bit of a break, we can't wait.

We hope you are enjoying the Blog, it's a fun way to stay in contact. Don't forget to leave a message if you have time. Until next time, bye and take care.

Love, ETA!

4 March 2007

Tropical Holiday

We had our first trip to the tropical north Townsville with Ashton in February. Edwin had some business to do and we caught up with our family up there. It was nice to get away for a bit and catch up with my sister and see my nephew who had not met Ashton yet. Ashton enjoyed the swimming and took any opportunity he could to get his gear off!!!