25 September 2007

Let it snow!

Bit slow with the update from the snow - it wonderful wintery time was had by all with pretty good skiing conditions and lots of white stuff. It was great to get the skis out again and dusk them off on the slopes, just like riding a bike! Ashton was a bit young to really enjoy it, but next time should be much better. He did enjoy going for walks in the backpack and looking around. Play time outside was a little hard in his snow suit! But, mum and dad had a great time, as did the rest of the family.
We are all going well here, fighting a cold again, but apart from that we are great. Ashton has walking all sorted and working on the running bit now. He is absolutely delightful and fills our home with laughter and joy-it is such a lovely age. He is developing his little personality and is pretty clear on what he does and doesn't want, and is certainly not backwards on letting us know.
We hope our email finds you all well.
Edwin, Tessa and Ashton