4 April 2008


Well, it's April already, what has happened to the year!? We are all going well and keeping out of mischief. Ashton is becoming a little boy now and is so cute. He is trying to find his place in the world and talking lots. We get a lot of joy and laughs from him and love watching him develop. I am nearly 29 weeks pregnant and all is going well with me and baby. I am a little more tired this time, so trying to take it easier this time.

We went to Tasmania for a holiday and a chance to have a break before B2 arrives. We spent 3 days in the gorgeous Cradle Mountain and did a bit of walking (as much as I and Ashton could handle!). The weather was lovely and cool and the scenery very picturesque. It was Edwin's first trip to Tassie where he didn't hike for at least 5 days! We then headed to Hobart for the rest of the time as Edwin had a conference to attend. Ashton and I took it easy as we both caught a cold. Hobart is such a pretty city. Ashton went on his first bus ride there, a double decker Red London Bus, and he loved it.

Back home now and busy trying to get a few things done around the house before baby arrives, including some house alterations (yeah right, like that will be finished!).

Edwin is busy with work and enjoying the new challenges that he sets himself. He is plugging away at his PhD and will hopefully submit the first draft by the end of the year.

Apart from that, we are well and hope you are well too.

Love, Tessa, Edwin and Ashton, and B2

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